Installation Instructions

If you came this far, you are probably asking yourself the following:
    1)  Before I order just how "easy" is it to install the Secure Hood Lock?  or
    2) I finally received this thing now what do I do?

To answer the first question, read the installation instructions then determine if you feel comfortable with doing the job yourself. What is easy to some may not be for others. If you do not own any tools or are uncomfortable with the installation procedure detailed below, then this may not be for you.

To answer the second question, please review the installation instructions prior to doing any work. The instructions below are what we found to work for us. You may have an easier or better method. Your vehicle may be slightly different from the test vehicle we used. If so, please let us know about it! 

Please note that we assume no responsibility for any damages or injury that may occur during the installation of this product!!!

We offer complete and concise instructions for the installation of the secure hood lock. The file can be downloaded in one of three different formats.

Click here if you have Microsoft Word

Click here if you have Adobe Acrobat reader. Note if you do not have the reader you can download it from the Adobe Website.

Click here if you would like to view the html version of the instructions.

If you have any questions at all please email us at or you can call us at 888-7SIMJACK (888-774-6522)   Please note: Due to the volume of calls we receive we cannot always answer your call. Please leave your name, number and a brief message and we will return your call promptly.

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