The Secure Hood Lock For The Jeep Wrangler

As any Jeep owner knows, a stock Wrangler or CJ does not have a factory installed device for locking the hood. Even an internal hood release mechanism would offer some protection, however none exists. In our opinion, items that are currently available do not offer an adequate level of protection for your vehicle. That is where the Secure Hood Lock comes in. Please take your time and evaluate our product. We have included many photographs and detailed instructions on the installation of our product.

The idea for the Secure Hood Lock comes out of personal necessity. Having been the owner of a Jeep Wrangler for a number of years, I take pride in the appearance of my Wrangler. I like its design, its style, and I enjoy driving the vehicle.  The one area that I must say caused a bit of concern is the lack of any security features. Living in the New York area, vehicle theft is a big problem. I was just not comfortable with the idea that anyone could walk up to the vehicle and pop open the hood. In less than a minute, your battery could be gone! If only your battery was missing, then consider yourself lucky. After searching around for a suitable hood lock, I could not find a product that I liked. I tried all the available products and was never really satisfied in the design or the level of security that they provided. Aside from using a padlock and a chain (not the most attractive solution, and the dents and dings caused by a padlock flapping around could be a problem) I felt there must be a better solution. One that would have a good appearance yet do the job of keeping others out of my engine compartment. 

The components of the Secure Hood Lock had to be made of quality materials. The locking pin is made out 1/2" thick double chrome plated steel. The lock cylinder is made of brass and encased in plastic to keep out the elements. The design of the Secure Hood Lock could be considered "over designed". The way I see it, you have a lot of money invested under the hood of your vehicle, why make it easy for someone to get access inside? While no guarantee is made that the Secure hood Lock will deter all theft, it is certainly better than having no lock at all. The Secure hood Lock may just be what is needed to send a thief looking for an easier target.

The Secure Hood Lock is reasonably priced at 27.95. New York State residents please add the appropriate sales tax for your county. If you would like further information please visit our customer order page.

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New!!! 6-9-2003 Note: Due to customer demand, we can now build the Secure Hood Lock to your specified length. We can fabricate the Secure Hood Lock from 2 inches up to 5 inches in length. Prior to ordering, please send us an email indicating the dimensions required and we will contact you accordingly.  Also, please note that custom orders are not refundable. As always, custom orders still carry the same warrantee as our standard items. New!!!

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