The Definitive Guide to Timing Belt Replacement

Here is a item that many home mechanics and even professional shop mechanics may find particularly useful. Today, more and more cars and trucks are being outfitted with timing belts. Vehicle manufacturers, in an effort to reduce expense, have replaced the traditional timing chain with timing belts in their engine design. For the most part, the average timing chain, with proper vehicle maintenance, lasted the life of the engine. Very little maintenance (if any) was ever required. As the timing chain began to age or stretch,  signs of replacement was evident by rough idle or rough running engines. Today, more and more vehicle manufacturers have switched over to timing belts claiming smoother, quieter operation in addition to taking up taking up less space. While timing belts do have certain advantages, the downside is that timing belt replacement has now become a scheduled maintenance repair item. Many vehicle manufacturers suggest replacing the timing belt as the vehicle approaches 60,000 miles. To complicate the issue, vehicle manufacturers have designed their engines where if timing belt failure should occur, costly engine damage can result (interference engines).

The Definitive Guide to Timing Belt Replacement is an excellent reference to have in your shop or home garage. Each manufacturer has specific requirements as to when their vehicles timing belt needs to be replaced. With this handy reference you will be able to determine when and if you need to replace the timing belt on your car or truck. Not sure if your  vehicle even has a timing belt? The guide will provide detailed information on hundreds of cars and trucks up to 2004. Thinking of replacing your timing belt yourself? The Definitive Guide to Timing Belt Replacement will provide you with a good insight into what you need to BEFORE you begin your project.  The guide gives detailed, vehicle specific information so that you can obtain the tools and materials you need BEFORE you begin the actual disassembly. The CD contains over 800 pages of information covering virtually all makes and models along with manufacturers specifications. The Definitive Guide to Timing Belt Replacement makes an excellent companion reference to any repair or factory service manual. The guide is produced in Adobe format so it will work on most any computer with the Acrobat Reader. Some of the features included within the guide are:

Please note that The Definitive Guide to Timing Belt Replacement is not intended to be a substitute for a repair or service manual.

Below are some sample screenshots of the information that can be found within the manual:


  Click on the thumbnail to view a screenshot of the index listing by vehicle manufacturer. This is a sample and not the complete index listing .

   Click on the thumbnail to view a screenshot of the engine information listed under each vehicle manufacturer. Detailed information can be found on many different types of engines,

  Click on the thumbnail to view a screenshot of engine specific data found in the manual.


With over 800 pages of information, The Definitive Guide to Timing Belt Replacement is an excellent resource to have at your disposal. 
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