is proud to introduce the Secure Clutch and Brake Pedal Lock

Revised even better and stronger than before!!!

This is an exclusive item that you will only find on our web site! The Secure Clutch and Brake Pedal Lock is designed to be installed between your vehicles clutch and brake pedals. Once installed neither the clutch nor the brake pedal can be utilized thus making it extremely difficult to move or drive the vehicle. The universal design allows for use on a multitude of vehicle applications.  The Secure Clutch and Brake Pedal Lock has been revised and is longer and stronger than before!! The Secure Clutch and Brake Pedal Lock is fabricated with 1/4 inch thick by 1 1/2 inch wide steel. The overall length has been increased to 10 inches providing a much wider range of vehicle applications, even commercial trucks!!. The Secure Clutch and  Brake Pedal Lock is made to last. You will notice by its design and construction that this devise will offer additional protection for your vehicle. While no anti theft devise can completely safeguard your vehicle from theft, the Secure Clutch and Brake Lock will make a thief's job that much more difficult.
The Secure Clutch and Brake Lock is an excellent addition for trucks and fleet vehicles. Many trucks equipped with manual transmissions are easy targets for vehicle theft. The Secure Clutch and Brake Lock will help to protect these vehicles which are frequently targeted by vehicle thieves.

What is included: You will receive the clutch and brake lock assembly, 2 adjustment legs, 2 jam nuts, 2 keys, the locking bar, and the cylinder assembly

Additional Note: We can custom design a lock to your vehicles specifications. Send us and email or give us a call. We will detail the measurements that we require.

To view additional images and installation instructions of the Secure Clutch and Brake Pedal Lock, please click here.

                                        Price 58.95 includes shipping and handling
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