We are excited to introduce our Secure Steering Wheel Lock. Another product in our line of quality automotive security devices.


The Secure Steering Wheel Lock is designed to be installed over your vehicles steering wheel. Once installed the Secure Steering wheel lock will completely cover the steering wheel making it impossible to drive the vehicle with the lock installed. By completely covering the steering wheel, the Secure Steering Wheel Lock prevents the steering-wheel from being cut or damaged by thieves. An added benefit is that the Secure Steering Wheel Lock will also protect your steering wheel mounted air bag. In addition to being a great physical theft deterrent, the Secure Steering Wheel Lock is also an excellent visual theft deterrent. Its bright yellow, highly visible color signals thieve to look elsewhere BEFORE they break into your vehicle . . 

The Secure Steering Wheel Lock will fit steering wheels up to 15 inches in diameter. A carrying bag is included with each lock making it easy to transport and to stow away.

In addition to the Secure Steering Wheel Lock we also offer a brake pedal lock that works with the steering wheel lock for double the security. In the past, these brake pedal locks were easy to defeat. A thief would only have to cut the plastic steering wheel to remove the lock. This is no longer the case. The brake pedal lock now attaches to the Secure Steering Wheel Lock making a metal-to-metal, steel-to-steel connection. The brake pedal lock is an optional accessory that can be ordered along with the Secure Steering Wheel Lock. The brake pedal lock extends from 26 inches to 32 inches. Please measure the distance from your brake pedal to the steering wheel to determine if this accessory will fit on your vehicle. On vehicles equipped with tilt wheel columns, the column must be lowered all the way down before taking measurements

Note: If your vehicle has a tilt steering, the column must be tilted as far down to the floor as possible before securing the brake pedal lock. The brake pedal lock will then attach to the brake pedal and then through the mounting hole in the Secure Steering Wheel Lock. With the brake pedal lock in place, the tilt wheel cannot be lifted due to the brake pedal lock being attached.

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Need more information ? See our Secure Steering Wheel Lock video on You Tube. Click Here to view the video. 

The price of the Secure Steering Wheel Lock assembly is 68.80. The price of the Secure Steering Wheel Lock with the optional brake pedal lock is 88.80 As always our prices includes shipping and handling. New York State resident please add sales tax.

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