Installation Instructions

Type A Permanent Models

Type A: Models P300 / P301 / P302 / P303 / P304

Installation of the Lok-Itt Column LockTM must follow the guidelines specified in this guide or instructions included with the product. The Lok-Itt Company Inc. is not liable for damage resulting from improper installation, or services to remove the unit and repair damage resulting from improper installation. The installer or customer is solely responsible for fitting and adjusting units prior to permanent installation of the unit. (See General Information on this web site for more about installation, technical assistance, changes and updates, and warranty information.)

Detailed instructions can be found in product packaging.

Type A (Permanent)

Tools Needed

3/16" Allen Wrench

3/8" Socket and Ratchet        

Step 1: With the permanent hinge in the upright position, slide the left housing half (with the slot on the bottom) over the turn signal lever until it meets the column.

Step 2: Rotate the right main housing half up to meet the left housing half and swing the permanent hinge down over the upper tabs on the housings.

Step 3: Insert the break-away screw into the center hole on the left side of the permanent hinge and finger tighten only.

Step 4: Make sure the entire unit fits snugly against the steering column. If the unit does not fit tightly, identify gaps, remove the unit and apply filler material to the inside of the unit where you noticed the gaps. Reinstall the unit.

To permanently install the unit, proceed to Step 5 only after you are sure the unit fits properly. This step cannot be reversed, installation is permanent.

Step 5: Once the unit fits to your satisfaction, use a 3/16" Allen Wrench to tighten the black hinge bolt at the left side of the permanent hinge. Then use a small ratchet with a 3/8" socket to tighten the silver break-away screw. Tighten until the head of the screw breaks off. The unit is now permanently installed and cannot be removed from the vehicle.

Step 6: Place the ignition bracket over the permanent hinge. Open the padlock and insert the shackle through the large opening between the flanges of the unit then

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