Another milestone in Automobile Security, we are excited to carry the
Secure Gear Shift Lock for your Vehicle

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Many vehicle manufacturers offer marginal physical protection from vehicle theft. Today, auto makers rely on high tech electronics to curtail theft The problem is thieves quickly learn how to bypass these devises. Once comprised, there is very little that stands in the way to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. Remember, a thief's greatest enemy is time. The longer is takes to overcome a security devise, the greater the chances of getting caught. Physical devises on the other hand take more time to overcome. It is this challenge that forces many thieves to look for an alternate target.
 The Secure Gear Shift Lock is great addition to help safeguard your vehicle. Designed to prevent operation of the transmission shifter, the Secure Gear Shift Lock is a excellent physical as well as visual deterrent! Made of high quality steel, the Gear Shift Lock is not only designed to provide maximum protection but is also attractively styled. Designed to work with both standard and automatic transmissions, the Secure Gear Shift Lock can be fitted to virtually any vehicle with a floor mounted transmission shifter.
The Secure Gear Shift Lock is particularly useful for vehicles with manual transmissions! Many manual transmission vehicles do not incorporate a locking mechanism to prohibit movement of the shifter. The Secure Gear Shift Lock can prevent movement of the shifter and therefore make it much more difficult to steal your vehicle.
As always, we provide a wealth of information with all of our products. This includes detailed images so that you know exactly what you are receiving. Detailed installation instructions are provided to assist you in your installation . Just like any other of our products, we thoroughly test and install each item prior to offering it to our customers.
Another service that we offer is that we will custom bend the mounting bracket to your specification!!. This is an exclusive service that we provide. For further information on this service and to view our installation files please click here.

Here are just some of the benefits of the Secure Gear Shift Lock:

Gear Shift Lock Features:

Attention retailers: Are you interested in carrying the Secure Gear Shift Lock? We can provide everything you need to help get you started. For details please send us an email or give us a call at the number at the bottom of this page.

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Price for the Secure Gear Shift Lock is 63.90  includes all shipping and handling charges. Please go to our Customer Order Form or Pay Pal Ordering page for more information.

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